Moiseenko Vadim MI 2530 Russie

Navrotescu Andreea MIF 2224 France

Bailet Pierre MI 2494 France

Delorme Axel MI 2513 France

Terrieux Kevin MI 2437 France

Bayarsaikhan Gundavaa GM 2479 Inde

Momchil Nikolov GM 2563 Bulgarie

Enchev Ivajlo MI 2464 Bulgarie

Pancevski Filip Mi 2506 Macedoine

Manolache Marius GM 2496 Roumanie

Kveinys Aloyzas GM 2504 Lituanie

Ivanov Michail GM 2414 Russie

Rakotomaharo FY FM 2427 Madagascar

8th April – 14th April, 2017

Palais Rameau 39 Boulevard Vauban Lille


Saturday 8th April, 2017

1.30 pm – 3.30 pm 

welcome and registration 


4.15 pm

opening ceremony

4.30 pm

1st round

Sunday 9th April   

2.30 pm

2nd round

9.00 am

Workshop -1900Elo 

Monday 10th April

9.30 am

3rd round

4.30 pm

4th round

Tuesday 11th April   

2.30 pm

5th round

9.00 am

 Workshop - 1900Elo

Wednesday 12th April

9.30 am

6th round

4.30 pm

7th round

Thursday 13th April   

2.30 pm

8th round 

9.00 am

 Workshop – 1900Elo

9.15 am 12.30 am

 School tournament

Friday 14th April   

10.00 am

9th round

5.00 pm

Price ceremony


Dear friends,

the managers of LUC-EDN are getting more and more active and now already, they can give you information on the 8th LUCOPEN.

We try to meet the wishes of all the players as much as possible and offer them a tournament with a high quality field by the presence of international masters and grand-masters, a tournament with players in search of norms and French and foreign players who are always happy when they can measure their strength (in a peaceful way) at a chess board.

This 8th Tournament will again be very open (in all its meanings) and it will offer more than the past editions.

We are expecting EVERYONE to come to Lille from 8th April, 2017 on!

Préinscription au 9ème LUCOPEN

The registration will be firm upon receipt of payment.

Please type the letters in the image

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